Gold’s Gym Baseline Center Grand Opening Today!

Gold’s Gym held their Grand Opening this afternoon at their newest and best branch located in Baseline Center, Cebu.

Together with the management, media and gym-goers, we the invited bloggers witnessed the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Located at the heart of Cebu, Gold’s Gym Baseline Center is the best and newest fitness gym to check out! They have a wide array of imported and high-end gym equipment, and also a huge group activity area for Zumba-lovers.


Fifty years ago, the fitness movement as we know it was born. It all began with one visionary Joe Gold. He owned and operated Gold’s gym, a modest fitness center in Venice Beach, California, where aspiring bodybuilders would flock to not only for the equipment but for the strong sense of community and family that Gold fostered.Hailed as the Mecca of bodybuilding, Gold’s began a tradition of commitment, passion and dedication which continues over 700 locations around the world.


Published by Mesmerizing Margrette

I was born in Cebu City, Philippines, but now residing in the beautiful island of Lapu-lapu City. A mother of two handsome sons. I also practice Martial Arts and love doing Artworks. I am a Youtuber, which means I vlog about things I love and post them in my Youtube Channel. If you would like to check my videos, simply search Margrette in Youtube.

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