ARC Hospitals celebrate their First Anniversary

ARC Hospitals celebrated their First Anniversary last Tuesday, October 8, 2019. Together with content creator friends, we witnessed the blessing and ribbon-cutting of their very own blood bank and dialysis center.

The ARC Hospital’s Facade

ARC Hospitals was planted with the vision from the late Consul Arcadio C. Alegrado to provide high quality, efficient, and affordable medical care for the local community.

Allegiant Regional Care Hospitals is a private healthcare facility that was established on August 17, 2018 to cater the residents of Metro Cebu with a focus on the cities of Lapu-lapu and Cordova, offering affordable yet quality healthcare to all their patients.

Mayor Junard “Ahong” Chan was also there during the press conference wherein the doctors proudly shared that ARC Hospitals will be the very first hospital in Lapulapu City having it’s own Blood Bank. And with this, Mayor Chan will be starting a blood-letting program wherein all the baranggays in Lapulapu can take part.

Hundreds of people benefited from the free services they gave back to the community. Free medicines were also given away and I was able to bring home vitamins for my kids. (Please see video attached above for full free services during the community fair.)

ARCH Eye Center
ARCH Operating Center
ARCH state-of-the-art Hospital Bed

Published by Mesmerizing Margrette

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