I Challenged Isla Sugbu Seafood City and they NAILED it!

Together with the Cebu Content Creators, we went to the Grand Convention Center to dine and challege Isla Sugbu Seafood City to recreate our favorite seafood dishes.

I was able to taste seafood pasta for the first time in Sugbo Mercado in Mandaue City and since I was craving for more of it, I challenged Isla Sugbo to recreate it. The first try was simply shrimps on top of the carbonara but the chef of Isla Sugbo made it a lot better as there were scallops added on the heavily delicious white cream on their pasta recreation.

I did not get to only try the food I challenged them to recreate, as I also had the best time tasting all the dishes my friends challenged them to cook. I really loved the flavorful chili crabs and not to mention the huge chunks of crab meat inside those strong shells, which you need to use a shell cracker to open.

All the seafood they cook are fresh and ready for their customer’s requests. You can request any type of dish made from those fresh seafood. When I entered the place saw live lobsters, oysters, crabs and shrimps!

The service we received from their staff was outstanding. They always serve with a smile. You will feel very welcome there in Isla Sugbu.

Below are the rates for their unli-Paluto excluding the lobsters as they have special rates for that.

Lunch P820 = P797 per head plus 3% service charge
Dinner P873 = P848 plus 3% service charge exclusive of drinks and dessert

Enjoy lovies!

Published by Mesmerizing Margrette

I was born in Cebu City, Philippines, but now residing in the beautiful island of Lapu-lapu City. A mother of two handsome sons. I also practice Martial Arts and love doing Artworks. I am a Youtuber, which means I vlog about things I love and post them in my Youtube Channel. If you would like to check my videos, simply search Margrette in Youtube.

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