My First Blog Post

Me and my history.

You are the writer of your own story, the vessel of your own soul.

Margrette Ann Sinajon

Hey guys, if you don’t know me too well, I have a lot to share to you.

I am a medium-built woman aged 30. I love Martial arts and even works of art. I graduated Linguistics and Literature at the University of San Carlos. Proud Carolinian here. I am into boxing, swimming, singing, and almost anything that a guy and a woman can do. I am also an Eco-Warrior, you can check out my page on Facebook named Sugbo Sea Saviours – we are into coastal clean-ups, donation drives and tree plantings. If you don’t know my deepest and darkest secret, well I survived depression and I can’t wait to share tips on how I survived. That’s it for now. Got to take care of the kiddos. Tatuh, lovies!

Published by Mesmerizing Margrette

I was born in Cebu City, Philippines, but now residing in the beautiful island of Lapu-lapu City. A mother of two handsome sons. I also practice Martial Arts and love doing Artworks. I am a Youtuber, which means I vlog about things I love and post them in my Youtube Channel. If you would like to check my videos, simply search Margrette in Youtube.

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